Just a Gramma living in central Minnesota with three Boxers, two Cockatoos, two cats, two teenage Granddaughters that we adopted, and Grampa that is helping raise the girls. I am divorced, have three children: Amber, Lucas, and Sarah, seven wonderful Grandchildren all whom I love desperately. I helped raise several other kids and have paid my dues as far as kids go. I’m tired. I was able to squeeze in time to attend college (some remotely) for a Media Communications (Graphic Design) degree, and Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement education. Surprisingly I was at the top of my classes and graduated Phi Theta Kappa with a gold sash and made the Dean’s List each semester. I’m proud of that because I was raising a baby Granddaughter while attending classes and I had a house full of young adults also attending college. It was a crazy time but we did it!

I have a pretty messed up case of Fibromyalgia and chronic Migraines. I sympathize with anyone who suffers chronic pain/fatigue or nerve pain. It’s not something I wish on anyone. If you’ve never had it you can’t understand how debilitating it is. It changes everything about how you live your life. It tells you what you can and can’t do. You don’t decide, it does. You miss out on a lot of “normal” things. You stay home a lot too. The crying was over years ago.

My favorite things? Family, friends, my pets, the sun, camping, good coffee, fiber arts (knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving, rug making, etc.), camping, and did I say camping… That’s about it folks, pretty simple for an “About” page.